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Throughout the site we’ve done our best to explain our business. If you still have questions about how we can deliver for you, give us a call. Otherwise, we invite you to navigate each page to get an understanding of who we are, what we do, and how we go about doing it.

Who we are

The world has been and continues to be changing. Five years ago we were satisfied with driving to retail stores, shopping, and driving home. Legal papers were printed by the stacks and transported by vehicle to the courts. It’s different now.

Now, you can launch an app from your phone, and have everything from late night food to cleaning supplies delivered to your home within the same day. Seizing the opportunity, PacTrack was created to confront this change by developing a trained workforce to meet the demands of today’s world – a world where services need to be delivered within the same day. From legal papers to bath soap, same day delivery of services is an emerging business and requires a trained logistics staff to support it. At PacTrack, we’re employing knowledgeable and experienced people to drive the demand to where you need us most. If you need something delivered today, and yes that includes metaphorically, we’re here to figure it out for you.

Delivering Same Day Services

Same day delivery is not just what you think it is – transporting one thing from here to there. At PacTrack, we deliver on all sense of the word. Same day delivery may require getting someone summoned to court that very same day, and, when you think about it, that’s all logistics. At PacTrack, we’ve created three departments to cater to your same day delivery logistics needs: PacTrack Legal, Courier, and Cargo.

The Legal department employs educated and skilled personnel to deliver on court filings, e-filings, and services all on a critical same day basis. Everyone involved in the file-to-trial has been working in the legal support industry for decades. Be rest assured you are in good hands. Likewise, our Courier and Cargo departments are top-notch. With second-generation courier industry professionals, dispatching and managing routes is a second nature.


Same day delivery of legal documents is not what it used to be. In Los Angeles, legal documents, predominantly, are no longer printed by the stacks and hand delivered to the court. Now, documents are uploaded as PDFs into web portals and e-filed using a web integration – it’s the urgency that needs to be delivered now, not necessarily the documents themselves. Fortunately, PacTrack still delivers whether its documents or a last-minute e-filing.

Though filings are digital, skilled workers that know their way around local courts are still necessary for courtesy copies and serving for that person on-the-run. Sometimes stakeouts are even needed. Whatever it may be, we know having an educated staff with a history of working with legal assistants is necessary to get the job done in LA. If getting legal papers serviced today is what you need, PacTrack Legal is here to help.


Courier logistics is broken down into roughly two categories: routed and on demand. Routed courier services involves the pick-up, delivery, or exchange of small packages which can fit into either a small vehicle or van. Depending on the client, a dedicated fleet with managed vehicles will be necessary. To perform these types of services, PacTrack trains and employs skilled drivers to safely deliver your packages. Each driver goes through a rigorous screening and training program before being given the responsibility of handling your packages. If your looking for a reliable and experienced courier company, start with PacTrack Courier.


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By choosing PacTrack as your dedicated attorney service provider, your orders will be managed by 25+ years of experience in the attorney service industry. Just to name a few, features such as document upload, real-time tracking, address verification, Court Representatives (LASC), and Bike Messengers will be at your disposable to ensure expedited and excellent service. All of your Proof of Service forms will stamped with the time, date, and GPS-coordinates of where the order was completed. Our PacTrack team is a fast, friendly, and comprehensive attorney service firm.
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